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The CHPS Project, also known as Health Support Initiative The CHPS Project which was changed to Health Support Initiative is an initiative that seeks to improve access to healthcare delivery in rural communities in Ghana (i.e. bridge equity gaps in accessing quality/better healthcare services) by re-equipping/resourcing dilapidated CHPS Compounds with basic medical items/logistics to contribute to Government’s effort in making healthcare more accessible for persons living in rural areas especially in times of emergencies.


One key area the project seeks to address is maternal health which falls in line with Sustainable Development Goal since it is one of the delicate and life threatening in which failure to intervene would obviously result in the death of mother and child. The project is implemented in the Eastern, Volta and the 3 Northern Regions and endorsed by the Ghana Health Service.


The lack of basic medication and logistics has thwarted the realization of the benefits of the facility to the local people although it is considered as a pro-poor health service delivery strategy to meet the Sustainable Development Goal in the community.


  • Objective
  1. To equip health care facilities in rural communities to give the local people the opportunity to access to good health and standard of living.
  2. To contribute to Government’s effort in the reduction of health inequalities and promote equity of health outcomes by removing geographic barriers to health care.


  • Priority Areas
  1. Maternal health
  2. Children and teenagers.


  • Impact/Results

In December 2017, more than 400 people in Bumpata in the Afram Plains South in the Eastern Region were given health education and provided with basic drugs and other medical consumables. Drugs and other medical items were also donated to the Bumpata CHPS Compound to enable it serve its purpose and contribute to improving access to quality healthcare delivery in the community.


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