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Women Empowerment for Employment Initiative (WEE)

Women Empowerment for Employment Initiative (WEE) is an initiative under the Women 2030 Project that seeks to empower unemployed young women/girls between the ages of 17 – 24 years in construction-related fields like interior design, plumbing and painting. The project is under the supervision of the Women Environment Programme (WEP) in Nigeria and funded by the European Union. This project runs from June – September, 2020 in Accra and Tema.

Women CSOs, networking to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (Post-2015) also known as Women 2030 project is an EU funded coalition of 5 global and regional women and gender networks working towards the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 52 countries of the world. The Women 2030 project is being implemented in the following regions of the world: Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Women2030 project comprise of the following 5 global and regional women and gender networks include:

  1. Women in Engage for a Common Future (WECF)
  2. Women Environmental Programme (WEP)
  • Global Forest Coalition (GFC)
  1. Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)
  2. Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)


WECF is the lead applicant of the Women 2030 project while WEP is the lead partner in Africa.

Activities of WEE Initiative:

  1. Mobilization and Screening
  2. Technical skills training
  • Entrepreneurship skills training
  1. Integrated Foundation and Life Skills Training
  2. Mentoring and Internships


Expected Outputs of WEE Initiative:

  1. 10 unemployed girls/young women empowered with skills training in interior designing,

plumbing and painting.


Expected Outcomes of WEE Initiative:

  1. 10 unemployed young girls/women empowered with opportunities in interior designing,

plumbing and painting to overcome poverty.

  1. Female participation in male-dominated skill areas increase and promoted.
  • Women empowerment in deprived communities promoted.


Project Duration and Location of WEE Initiative:

This WEE Initiative is being implemented in Accra and Tema for a period of 3 months (i.e. June – September, 2020):

Accra      –     Plumbing and Painting

Tema      –     Interior Design


Mode of Application:

  1. Completion of application form
  2. Proof of identity
  • Signing of beneficiary Code of Conducts
  1. Completion of screening process
  2. Attachment of beneficiary to Master Trainers
  3. Commencement of Training