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The One Cedi Fund is an initiative by TBN Ghana Foundation, an organization that focuses on Charity and entrepreneurship, established in 2018 with the registration number CG092872018.


The One Ghana Fund is a special Fund designed to provide socio-economic and educational support services to disadvantaged people and underprivileged communities in Ghana.


The fund is made possible by the contribution of voluntary donors and benevolent individuals whose passion is to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged and needy.


Objectives of the Fund


  1. To provide financial support for people who need urgent medical attention especially women and


  1. To provide social, economic and educational support for people especially children in deprived


  • To offer financial assistance and logistics to orphanages, children’s homes, health centers and


  1. To put street children in school


Project Areas of the Fund


The fund will finance projects in:

  1. Health
  2. Education
  • Economic Empowerment


The One Cedi Fund has a partnership with Hopeworks Ghana to offer funding for its projects and programs especially the Reach- out project. Our focus is to mobilize at least GHS 1 million worth of support, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and financial support to help vulnerable and disadvantaged families with children with special needs by December 2020.