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Reach-out Project is an initiative aimed at complimenting Government’s efforts at fighting the spread and/or effects of the COVID-19 pandemic amongst vulnerable children/individuals with Special Needs/Disabilities in deprived communities through awareness campaigns and distribution of medication/drugs and other Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves, liquid soaps, veronica buckets, bowls, etc.) to help ease the fear, worry and isolation families are feeling and protect the communities from the pandemic.


With the Covid-19 impacting many lives and its impacts being unparalleled; children/individuals with Special Needs/Disabilities are not exempted from this impact. In order to respond to Covid-19, with the Special Needs families already underrepresented, Hopeworks Ghana has launched the Reach-out Project in an effort to make a stand for about 5,000 vulnerable children/individuals with Special Needs/Disabilities in deprived communities.


Our focus is to mobilize at least GH¢1 million worth of support; including Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), financial support, food items and water supply to support vulnerable and disadvantaged communities and less privileged families with children/individuals with Special Needs/Disabilities in the next 3 to 6 months.


  • Outcome and Impact


Since the launch of the project in March, 2020, 500 children/individuals with Special Needs/Disabilities and Aged from 6 deprived communities from Greater Accra and Central Regions have benefited from education on the COVID-19 pandemic and provision of Personal Protective Equipment like veronica buckets, bowls, tissues, liquid soaps, hand sanitizers and face masks to help them fight and/or reduce the effects and spread of the virus.


Beneficiary communities are Castle Road Special School of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital in Adabraka, Chorkor, James Town, Oshiyie and Kokrobite in the Ga South Municipality in Grater Accra (individuals with Disabilities), and 6 villages in Bawjiase in the Central Region.


Hopeworks Ghana stands committed to supporting less privileged families with children/individuals with Disabilities in deprived communities who struggle to adjust to the situation as a result of their socioeconomic background.


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